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Without professional copy, you get the picture. But do you get the message?

Watch your favorite television commercial – without audio. Look at a full page glossy print ad – but only the pictures and graphics. Peruse web ads with visuals only.

Hiring professional graphic designers, illustrators, web site builders,  and photographers tell half the story. Professionals like Pound Dog Copywriting complete your message and help ingrain your brand into potential clients and customers.

You know your business, and Pound Dog Copywriting knows how to help you boost your business with copywriting designed to capture a second look, another click of the mouse.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable expert copywriting can be, with flexible rates to suit your budget from hourly, daily, or by the project.

The competition is fierce. Shouldn’t your advertising be, too?

Avon Andrea Ad
Avon Andrea Ad
This welcome message was created expressly for then AVON Chair/CEO Andrea Jung, and was part of a global recruitment and training campaign for the company’s six million representatives worldwide.