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Sunterra Cover
Sunterra Cover
We have extensive experience in writing for hospitality, including vacation ownership companies like this direct mailer for Sunterra Resorts.
Rollins All About You
Rollins It’s All about You
The challenge was to capture the attention and boost enrollment for Rollins College, a private liberal arts school consistently ranked among the South’s best colleges. It worked.
Rollins Jones Profile
Rollins Jones Profile
The enrollment campaign for Rollins included posters, direct response cards, and an in-depth, high-quality booklet that offered prospective students a glimpse at the kind of one-on-one relationship they would have with their professors.
Unilever Skincare
Unilever Skincare
The most effective advertising and marketing messages aren’t always the loudest.
The Launch Pad Saturn Snacks
Vons Supermarket
This point of sale for Vons Supermarkets’ Five-a-Day campaign gently urged kids to eat more fruits and veggies with comic book graphics and humor.
Coach Ad with Rainbow Shoes
We’ve helped reach ideal candidates with recruitment ads for such companies as Coach, Barney’s of New York, and Movado.
Avon Foundation Cover
Avon Foundation Cover
This direct response was sent to a highly targeted demographic of executive women, magazine editors, and members of the media as part of Avon’s campaign against domestic violence.